Thursday, September 22, 2011

Collage Swap

I've never made a collage card until this month.  It was stressful, in a good stretching-my-crafty-muscles way.  For some people collage is super easy and no matter what they put on their paper or canvas, it comes out great. Not so for me.  I even tried using a set of Tim Holtz' stamps and putting them together all sorts of ways and it was terrible BUT I learned something form it and the final project ended up not having any stamped images at all but added layer upon layer creating a scene and I was happy with the results.  Was it perfect, no.  Was it great, no.  Was it an acceptable for a first timer, I think so and am sharing it here.

The background was made by taking 3 different sheets of alcohol inked paper.  All three sheets used the same 3 colors and each spotlighted one of the three colors.  The pages were cut into 1/4" strips and attached to a sheet of sticky paper leaving periodic gaps which were filled with Martha Stewart Orange Topaz glitter.

The large leaf on the left was made by using spray adhesive to attach regular household foil to card stock.  This was run through my Cuttlebug to emboss then cut out.  The foil started out with several wrinkles but they all smoothed out during the embossing.  The leaf was bent and molded a bit to add some texture and foam squares are under some parts of the leaf for more interest.

The other leaves were cut from several scraps using Emagination punches.  Some are above and some below the netting which originally held onions, garlic or potatoes.  The pumpkin was embossed and cut using my Cuttlebug.  The glittery highlights and the hand written word 'Autumn' were made with platinum Stickles.

I hope you enjoy it.

Craftily yours,


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gypsy - What cartridge is that image from?... TIP #2

Have you ever created something and not remembered what cartridge the image came from?  There is an easy way to have your Gypsy tell you.

Highlight the image you want to identify and click the mat in the bottom right corner of your Gypsy.  (Don't worry if the image is a part of a grouped or welded set.)  You will be taken to the overlay screen.

The image or images will be seen in the line on the of the screen above the overlay.  Touch the image you want to identify and the name of the cartridge will appear.  Click on the cartridge name if you want to see more images from that cartridge.  That's it.

Craftily yours.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cricut - cutting small images... Tip #3

TIP 3a:  

When you are cutting images that are small, especially if they are layers for a larger image, make sure you cut a few extras, just in case.  

I have noticed that sometimes the cut doesn't go all the way through or perhaps the mat was too sticky for for the little bit and a part tears off.  The settings may have been "off" for such a small piece or maybe it cut perfectly and the little piece got mangled during gluing.  Whatever the reason, better safe than sorry.  Just cut a couple of extras with the ones you know you need and you should be just fine.

If you're using only your Cricut and filling up the entire page, it could become a problem IF you didn't make room for the little extras.  This is especially true if you are using the last of that particular pattern or special sheet of paper.  If you're using your Gypsy simply squeeze them in anywhere they'll fit.  Easy peasy.

TIP 3b:

SLOW DOWN your Cricut when the image is small.  I generally set mine all the way down to 1 for any small or intricate cuts and have had no problems.  Before I slowed down, I rarely had a usable small image.

Hope you enjoy this blog.  See you again.

Craftily yours.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Shaker Card made with the Gypsy and Cricut

The August swap for our local crafty group was "Surf's Up Shaker Card".  This was my first shaker and I really wanted it to be cute.  I looked online for some inspiration then on my Gypsy for images and came up with this.

The recipe:
   Size is 4 X 4  
   Cricut Cartridge used "Life Is A Beach"
   Base is a light blue Recollections CS  
   Swirly glittery background and dotted layer are DCWV Summer Dream Stack 
   Treasure chest is shimmery gold CS 
   Boy and his "equipment" are from old cs I had laying around  
   Shells came from Michaels.
   Dots are Adirondak either Pesto or Meadow
   Lots of foam tape (double layer due to using shells)
   Ribbon used around to outside of the card to finish the edge was Louisa Harding "Kimono Ribbon Pure" and was made in Italy.  It does have a yummy feel.  I know you can only see a glimpse of it in the photo but it really finish the cards off nicely.

I was warned that shaker cards take quite a while to make and they did just that but they certainly were quite gratifying to make as well.  I am on a journey to stretch myself and this was right up that alley for me.  I hope you enjoyed the card.

Thanks for visiting.  Come back soon.

Craftily yours.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cricut Cartridge List with a bonus

Well this is a long time in the making but it's finally here and does include all the July 2011 Hello Thursday cartridges.  Yeah!!  I'm very excited to have this available now for everyone.
Some things you should be aware of regarding Provocraft and the cartridge names.  First, they aren't exactly consistent with the names or the way they alphabetize.  Also sometimes you'll see the name with the word "Cricut" and sometimes without.  I have indicated the alternatives with ( )'s.  

I discovered this out by comparing's online lists from:
1) the pdf's of the booklets 
2) the "for sale" area that shows the actual box the cartridges come and 
3) the way they are listed on my Gypsy

I knew they had a lot of cartridges but was really surprised to discover that they have created 278 original cartridges and 33 for the Imagine.  WOW, that's a lot of creating opportunities.

To download a copy of the cartridge list click Full Cricut Cartridge List  Remember, if you are having trouble, just copy/paste the link into your browser.


If you want to print it for your files, you may want to print it double sided.  

There are already spaces available for you to add in the new cartridges beginning in August for the next few months AND there is a built in "OWN" and "WANT" columns so you can take the list with you when you shop online or at your favorite store.  How great is that!  (Yes this list will be updated.)

Thanks so much for visiting.  I hope you get as much out of this list as I did creating it.

Craftily yours


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scrapbook Page challenge for NSD

Here was my submission for the Scrapbook page challenge.  I'm a card maker not really a scrapbooker so I wanted something pretty easy and generic and I think I got that here.  I also made a couple of journaling blocks to go with it but will add them once I have the photos to use on this page.

I used my Gypsy with my Expression for this page.  

Recipe:  Lacy Labels Cartridge 
       Image shadow cut at 10.41" high and 11.39" wide
       Orange glitter glue 
       Martha Stewarts "fire Opal" glitter glue added in dots around image.   
       Ribbon was one I've had on hand forever.
       Paper gray & black cs.  Patterned cs is DCWV Pocket Full of Posies Stack.

Craftily yours.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breast Cancer Card

For National Scrapbook Day another of the challenges was "Breast Cancer".  This was my entry.

I wanted it to be simple and focused on survival so I included the paper with the hearts filled with love and the words "My Hero".  The breast cancer ribbon and words were made on the Gypsy and cut with the Cricut Expression.

     Stand and Salute Cartridge used for both the ribbon and words
        Ribbon shadow cut at 4.25" high and 2.73" wide
        Words cut at 1.82" high and 3.10" wide
    Paper black, blue and pink cs and unknown patterned cs
    Ribbon American Crafts

Craftily yours,